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Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Palm reading is also known as palmistry or chiromancy, palm reading is practiced all over the world with roots in Indian astrology and gypsy fortune-telling. The objective is to evaluate a person’s character and aspects of their life by studying the palm of their hand. There is no substantiate evidence of correlation between palm features and psychological traits; palm reading is for entertainment purposes..

In a palm reading, each of these features is said to signify something specific about your personality at least according to those who believe in it. Skeptics insist that palm reading — like tarot and astrology — amounts to little more than guesswork. And even those who perform palmistry — the practice of interpreting the lines and forms on the hand, which is believed to have originated in India — will likely say that, while it can uncover some truths about your personality, the practice cannot give you a direct look at what’s coming down the cards.

Your Personal

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